Work5ters: The Wonder App That Helps You Love Your Work

Work5ters: The Wonder App That Helps You Love Your Work

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Hello, dear reader!
Wouldn’t you love a tool that helps you love your job? Then, you would become more productive, more needed, more respected and, of course, happier! Isn’t it?
To help you achieve all these, we recently interviewed a self-taught programmer and web designer, Deo Kalule, who has developed an awesome app to make you love your job. The app is called Work5ters.
Below is the written interview we had with Deo concerning the app. We hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful.
Brannd Hub: Thanks for accepting to have this interview with us!
Deo: Thank you so much for the opportunity, Brannd Hub.
Brannd Hub: Can we meet the brain behind Work5ters?
Deo: I’m the brain behind Work5ters, my name is Deo (short for Deograstius) Kalule, I’m a self-taught programmer and web designer. I currently have my
formal education as an x-ray tech however.
Brannd Hub: How did you come about the idea of Work5ters?
Deo: It started when I was working at a nursing home and one of my co-workers was frustrated and was yelling at a dementia patient. Work politics didn’t allow me to do anything.
I thought, “That guy shouldn’t be allowed to work in a place like this!” Which then led to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could rate him at his job?”
The more I thought about the idea, the more it grew. How would it be useful? Why would someone want to be rated? How can you protect someone’s reputation if it’s online?
Eventually, I read a book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi  called “Flow.” It made me realize just how this idea can help people love their jobs by giving them a chance to try their best at work, get feedback about how they’re doing, and use that to grow in their career, either financially or by being promoted.
Brannd Hub: The name Work5ters sounds interesting and appears to communicate something. What informed your choice of the app’s name, and what does it communicate?
Deo: We wanted to communicate two things that we thought showed what Work5ters is all about in the name.
First that it was a work site, not a “job search site” but a “work site.” So we thought of “work world,” which was a horrid name but a good start. Then we thought, “It makes you a star at your job.” This made it workstars, which is a little on the nose but we liked it, not loved it.
We thought of different variations and came up with Work5ters which incorporated the fact that it was a rating system with the 5 and can be used as a symbol of pride for our users. We en-vision such people saying “I’m a 5 star Work5ter” which we think sounds better that 5 star work star.
Brannd Hub: Who needs Work5ters?
Deo: We think there are 3 types of people that need Work5ters. Employers that want to hire objectively great people; employees that want to advance their careers; and customers that want to voice their opinions.
Brannd Hub: What are the benefits of using Work5ters?
Deo: Work5ters has many benefits that all derive from the user’s reputation they build on the app.
It works like this: a customer comes in and is taken care of by an employee, the customer rates that employee. The employee can then use the reputation to get a new job, a promotion or a raise.
Every user has complete control over their reputation so they can reset it, choose not to be rated, block 15% of their customers, or hide it all together.
But here’s where it becomes interesting: a company can then bundle up all it’s employees as a team and get a team rating.
So a hospital can bundle up nurses and have a nursing team with a reputation of, say, 4 stars and a separate radiology team which could have, say, 5 stars. Then the average rating for the company as a whole would be 4.5 stars which can be traced back to individual team members.
Brannd Hub: Is there a particular functionality or quality which singles Work5ters out among the other apps similar to it?
Deo: We believe it all starts with the user’s reputation that is fully under the control of the user. Because of this control, users will feel safe using the app to its ends, which we believe is making them love their job.
Brannd Hub: Where can people download Work5ters?
Deo: Work5ters is on iPhone and Android by typing the name into the stores directly, or by using these links.
Brannd Hub: Do you have any other information you would like to share with our readers about Work5ters?
Deo: The point of this app is to change the way people work, to make them love their jobs. What we have here is only the tip of the iceberg of what we have planned. Our mission is to change the world through making people love their jobs.
Brannd Hub: It was great to have you talk about the awesome app, Work5ters. Thanks for your time!
Deo: Thank you guys for taking the time to interview me about Work5ters.

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