What Is Your Business Name Communicating?

Do you know your business name is always communicating a message?
Just as an average person’s name is not a mere means of identification but a medium of communication, so also a business name is a medium of communication.
One of the determining factors for a business’ success is how well one can communicate its relevance and benefits to the target audience or market.
Interestingly, the name of a business is the first and one of the most effective mediums of business communication. But sadly, many small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs are overlooking (or are ignorant of) this fact.
So, what is your business name communicating right now?
Your business may have all what it takes to be successful. It may be the best solution to a specific problem being encountered by your target audience.
However, if you can’t communicate these business qualities to your potential clients very well, your efforts could end up being futile.
Let’s look at 3 well-known  examples of world class businesses with business names that are communicating the right messages to their global audiences.
1. LinkedIn
The name “LinkedIn” easily tells you what the company stands for: connection and networking for global professional and business  opportunities. That is, with LinkedIn, you are “linked in” (i .e connected) to numerous opportunities.
For you to know more about how well LinkedIn as a business name has communicated the vision of LinkedIn as a business, please read our previous article: What You Should Learn from LinkedIn.
2. Google
What do you think the name “Google” communicates in its deepest sense? Curiosity! Every time you search for information on Google, you are always “curious” to know and discover.
So, Google knew what they wanted to achieve as a company. Hence, they went for a name that would help achieve their goal for them. Once again, Google communicates curiosity.
3. Yahoo!
In fact, you should easily and rightly guess what the name “Yahoo!” communicates: excitement! Are you surprised to know this?
The logic is simple: when you log in to your Yahoo! account and want to check your inbox, you are often excited about what might be the content of the emails sent to you, ain’t you?
Also, you get excited about reading Yahoo!’s interesting and hot local, national and global news, isn’t it?
Can you now see why the Yahoo! company chose the name “Yahoo” as their business name?
There are other classic examples like BlackBerry, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, etc.
As you can see: an effective business name will effectively communicate the relevance and benefits of your business to your target audience.
We will conclude this article with two pieces of advice:
i. If you discover your business name is not communicating effectively, we advise you consider going to professional brand name developers.
They will help you analyze the name to find out whether you need a business name editing or you need a change of business name.
ii. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, who is thinking of establishing a business, we advise you let professional brand name developers help you develop a “selling” and effective brand name from the scratch.
NOTE: Always consider any amount of money you spend on professionally developed brand name & brand slogan for your business or product a wise business investment.

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