Special Interview with Gregory Henderson: Happiness Entrepreneur & Nuclear Contractor


We live in an age in which it now requires so much to achieve so little.

Besides, only a small percentage of the world’s population has risen above the limiting challenges we all face in life.

This grim reality seems to have taken away the happiness of many people.

Worsening the situation is the fear the status quo may not change soon considering the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

How then will people become happy despite these unpleasant experiences?

Our interview guest says he has found the answer!

Popularly known as Happi Pappi, Gregory Henderson is a happiness entrepreneur and nuclear contractor.

The famous Fukushima Accident, of whom he is a living witness, opened Gregory’s eyes to the importance of happiness!

What was the Fukushima experience like?

How then did Gregory become a happiness entrepreneur?

How can you, as an entrepreneur, benefit from his expertise?

All these and other answers are in the interview we had with Gregory.

Enjoy the interview and leave your comments below.




Brannd Hub: Thanks for being our guest for this interview, Gregory!

Gregory: Thank you, I really appreciate the opportunity to share with your audience what I’ve learned through my experiences and research over the last few years.


Brannd Hub: Your nickname Happi Pappi sounds interesting! How did you come about the name?

Gregory: Ha, hope time’s no problem here, because that takes me back to some pleasant memories.

It was back some time ago when I started my new adventure of independent contracting.

Back then I smoked a corncob pipe, wore a ballcap, and had a full beard which was turning white for some odd reason 🙂 couldn’t have been my age, no way.

The first contract job I went on, I was unaccustomed to the process because it’s quite different than going to work at a plant each day.

You have to go through what they call in-processing where you fill out more paperwork than you could imagine.

Reminded me a lot of all the paperwork I filled out when joining the military, just about the same amount and very time-consuming.

Everyone there is an independent contractor ranging from 18 years old to 75+ and from every corner of the world, it’s quite interesting.

I was just standing around trying to figure out the first step to take when this young man walked up to me stuck out his hand and said, “Hey I’m Smitty.”

Before I could say a word, he noticed the stem of my corncob pipe sticking out of my shirt pocket and asked, “What’s That?”

When I pulled it out he started laughing and shouting, “look at this, look at this, we’ve got Popeye The Sailor’s Pappy here!”

It was bizarre, not sure how to take all this, I put it in my mouth and said, Toot – Toot a few time while animating pulling down on a whistle chain with my arm and everyone was rolling with laughter.

Even though in contracting you don’t work with the same people all the time, maybe once-twice a year for a month.

You do find some familiar face you’ve worked with before and just like anywhere else, there are some things that spread like wildfire and this was one of them.

After that, I would go on jobs that people I’ve never met would approach me and introduce themselves and say, “Hey Pappi I’ve heard of you.”

How Happi came to be attached was about 3 years back.

I’ve been studying and researching the last 12 years the effects positive/negative mindset and ancient wisdom practices have on our lives today.

Along with neuroscience research results that are proving all that has been speculated on up till the present to be true or false, quite interesting if you’re into stuff like that.

Basically, the how and why we do the things we do as human beings.

One night I stumbled across an article about an ancient wisdom practice that was producing insane results on dealing with stress, worry, and frustration in our daily life so, I decided to give it a try and it really worked.

That got me to thinking if this worked so well with stress could I combined it somehow with what I knew about mindset from the neuroscience results and if so what kind of effects would it have on my daily life.

I began experimenting with different elements of the two and eventually came up with a process that not only worked but works every time for anyone if you follow the rules.

It worked for me, family members, co-workers and anyone else that would try it.

With all the positive results I was seeing I finally got enough nerve to start using it on my contract jobs and it was amazing how it made things so much more pleasant and positive.

Again, as in the beginning, people began to see how happy and positive I was all the time at work, that they began calling me Happi Pappi.

Now you may think all this is bullshit, excuse the language, but here’s a quote from the General Electric Project Manager on a recent job of mine in Japan which we had some trying issues to overcome.

At the end of the gig, my Project Manager said to me in front of everyone,

“Pappi you made a world of difference here. I don’t believe we would have completed this project on time and successfully without your happy attitude and this happiness formula you constantly speak of. You kept the team focused, on target and fired up as you call it and that made all the difference, you have a winning formula here and I want to personally thank you, sir.”

And that’s how Happi Pappi came about, sorry about the length of this answer but it is what it is 😊


Brannd Hub: Your inquisitive thinking helped you become a tool and die maker for 27 years! How would you describe your tool and die-making work?

Gregory: I absolutely love it, still do because I continue to contract my skills out 2 to 3 months a year. I simply love the work, meeting new individuals and traveling the world.

Tool and Die-Making is a skilled trade that keeps you on your toes as far as problem-solving and using your creative abilities.

What keeps me going, I guess, is that nothing is ever the same may be similar but not exactly the same as production line work would be.

I don’t know, it’s something that burns in your soul like my main work now, HappiPappi.com teaching and telling others what I discovered about the Lost Art of Happiness as I call it.

I wake up excited and can’t wait to get started and find out what adventure or issue I’ll have to face and overcome today.

Who will I meet good or bad, that’s an opportunity to reach and help someone.


Brannd Hub: You’re a nuclear contractor. How did you get into this profession?

Gregory: That’s a question that continually reminds me of how hard but rewarding entrepreneurship can be.

I semi-retired and purchased a small-town bowling center to have something productive to do and provide entertainment to the community.

We opened, and it was fantastic for the first few months until the 9/11 the attack on the US Twin Towers. My heart still goes out to the families affected.

But that horror put the center into a downspin.

Everyone was uncertain of what the future would bring, and people just stopped entertaining themselves.

At the same time, one of my customers knew our issue and introduced me to his work which was independent contracting.

I investigated it and started, and it helped keep the bowling center up and running for the next 7 years until the housing bubble burst and we had to sell out or stop contracting.

So, we decided I’d continue the contracting.


Brannd Hub: Having being to many countries of the world as a nuclear contractor, what have you learned about cultural differences?

Gregory: It’s strange to visit places where the culture is so different but in some instances, the same.

The most surprising difference is their perspective on happiness and a positive mindset that we lack here in the US.

What I mean is people no matter how hard life may be on them they find ways to live happy daily lives. They just love living life to the fullest with what they have.

Not complaining and expecting the government or someone else to provide for them. Mexico is a prime example of this.

I don’t see a middle class there, you’re either a have or a have-not but most the have-nots are happy loving people.

Japan is awesome in the aspect of not only how proud a people as a whole but how happy, productive, courteous, and helpful to strangers like me they are.

I learned a great deal from these people concerning being happy each and everyday especial starting your day out right.

In the World Happiness Stats, it shows the US in 14th place which is very sad that most in our country are discount with one thing or another, especially careers and businesses.

Lifes to short not to find happiness in your life.


Brannd Hub: You seem to be obsessed with the study of the lost art of happiness. Why?

Gregory: You’re absolutely right, I am obsessed with it.

That’s an emotional topic and I guess that’s why I can’t get it out of my head. Which I really don’t want to now but in the beginning, it bothered me quite a bit.

You see there have been a few of occasions where I’ve nearly lost my life

• In the military – Vietnam

• Working for the railroad when a car collided with me and the locomotive of the train that laid me up 2 years

• The Fukushima Accident in Japan which I was working at the time and my mother’s passing the day before.

I don’t know for sure but after the accident in Japan, it just feels like I was on a timetable to accomplish something which I had no idea of what it may be.

You know that gut feeling you have when you know there’s something you need to do but haven’t a clue of what it is.

After some time of soul searching. I realized I wasn’t the happiest in my life and the way it had turned out so far.

So, I began my quest of finding true happiness in my life.

Now after 12 years of which the last 7 have been serious intense research and study on the topic we meet, you and I, here today talking about it. It’s been one heck of an adventure for sure.

And it’s just the beginning because I believe like-minded people with a purpose can change the world and ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE…

Again life is too short not to be happy.


Brannd Hub: You were there when the Fukushima Accident happened! What did the experience teach you about happiness?

Gregory: That nothing is impossible…

I witnessed that tragic event first hand and saw the resilience of a happy positive proud people rebound in a short period of time like nothing had ever happened. It is amazing.

I have pictures that show the event first hand and pictures that show the exact same places a year later.

You’d never have known the place and people had suffered through an ordeal like that 12 short months earlier. Amazing is all I can say.

What did I learn about happiness?

Happiness is in your hands…

That happiness is a learnable skill, a proven tool and if you use it wisely it can literally change every area of your life.

if you find true happiness in your life, dedicate, to using a happy positive mindset daily.

Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is impossible for you.

Career/business, relationships, finances, and even health – nothing is out of your reach.


Brannd Hub: How do you think happiness can help entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams?

Gregory: Oh, that’s simple, happiness is a mindset and not just any mindset. It is literally the foundation of which all entrepreneurial building blocks are built upon for a successful business.

This isn’t NEW Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates plus many others spoke of it.

Today Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and nearly every other millionaire or billionaire speak of it in their books, videos, and events but no one listens to what they’re saying.

Why? Because we’ve been taught that something to be successful must be complicated and unbelievably hard to do and only when we become successful is when we’ll find happiness.

When the truth is just the opposite, our system is backward.

Neuroscience is fantastic because it is proving everything that has been said for centuries about happiness is correct.

It is a skill, not just an emotion that can be taught and learned by anyone, just like any other skill.

The great thing, it not only helps in your entrepreneurial journey but every other area of one’s life.

People who don’t understand this need to read Shawn Achor’s book The Happiness Advantage for sure.


Brannd Hub: You’ve just started a campaign on reaching out to help new entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey. Could you tell us what this campaign entails?

Gregory: Sure, I’d love to and thanks for asking.

I try to look at everything in a plain and simple format.

Mainly so I can understand it myself most of all but then on the other side of the coin, so I can explain it to anyone else that may be interested.

Plain and simple this campaign I’ve set in motion is to share everything I’ve discovered, tested, and used.

That has not only given me insane results but the individuals around the globe I’ve shared it with.

Everything from my ancient wisdom practices, neuroscience research results, to the daily routine steps I perform when I open my eyes each and every morning to get Fired Up! about living and loving the present day to the fullest on my own terms.

Answering questions and comment on my site.

In a nutshell.

I’m giving everything I know about the lost art of happiness away.

It’s not all presently published because I never planned on doing this.

The only thing I’m not giving away is my coaching time it’ll still cost you and I don’t come cheap, well, that all depends on how much money you make.

I sell nothing on my site, not even my coaching you have to ask for an invitation or be referred.

So, Plain and simple like I said if entrepreneurs are interested in learning everything I know about the power of the Lost Art of Happiness all they have to do is visit me: happipappi.com

You know the funny part of all this is because of our brainwashing by the system that was created in the industrial age which is obsolete but still present and being taught.

Most people won’t take advantage of my offer thinking there’s a catch to it.

I’ve tried giving valuable knowledge away several times before and it’s always the same, people think if it’s FREE it’s not worth anything.

You come back to me in six months and I’ll show the proof of that statement.

I’ll get more response if I was selling everything for $997 than I will, giving it away. Blows my mind 😊…


Brannd Hub: You focus on the first thing new entrepreneurs should have in their arsenal. What is that first thing?

Gregory: I’m sure you should be able to figure that one out by my previous answers but if you have any doubt.

A Happy Positive Mindset or Attitude with an eye-opening daily routine that will blast the day off with enthusiasm and adventure.

It is the foundation upon which all entrepreneurial building blocks are laid.


Brannd Hub: What is your practical advice to entrepreneurs on the issue of happiness?

Gregory: Happiness is in your hands.

It is a skill that can be learned, and it creates motivation, resilience, creativity and increases your daily productivity among other needed traits.

Remember life is game and like any other game you must know the rules and learn the winning strategies to become the Champion.

So, when you get knocked down and it seems hopeless to continue, brush yourself off get up put a big ole smile on your face and go at it again reminding yourself not to commit the same mistake twice.

You will succeed…


Brannd Hub: What is your favourite business book?

Gregory: I have two:

Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage

Vishen Lakhiani – The Code of the Extraordinary Mind


Brannd Hub: What is your favourite business quote?

Gregory: “The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows.”

Ariswtotle Onassis


Brannd Hub: It was nice talking with you, Gregory! Thanks for your time and for your insights on happiness!

Gregory: My pleasure anything I can do to help others in their quest for greatness and happiness. Just remember Happiness is in your hands!!!

Hope your audience enjoys this as much as I did doing it.



To know more about Gregory Henderson and his work, visit his website and follow him on social media:

Happi Pappi






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