Special Interview with Dan Tyre: Director of Sales at HubSpot

Without doubt, HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales company, catering for 34,000 customers in 90 countries.

One of the brilliant minds behind the huge successes HubSpot has achieved over the years is Dan Tyre!

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to interview Dan on a number of relevant and interesting issues!

Below is the special interview and we hope you will find it very helpful, inspiring and interesting. Please, let us know your thoughts about the interview in the comments section.






Brannd Hub: Hello Dan! Thanks for granting us audience!

Dan Tyre: You got it! Sorry for being a slug. I was speaking at a Telco Conference in Vegas this weekend with a lot going on.

Brannd Hub: First of all, we would like to point out the fact that unlike other influencers, you’re an approachable, responsive and engaging influencer! Why do you display these good qualities?

Dan Tyre: Wow, first thanks for those kind words. I like to help people as much as I can. In fact, one of the reasons that I am the luckiest person in the world is that I get to help thousands of people as a mentor, investor, adviser, board member, author, blogger & employee of HubSpot. My goal is to “Do the most good I can for the universe (which I shamelessly co-opted from my son Eli Tyre) and helping people who ask is part of that mission. Over the last few years, my scheduling link has circulated in the public domain, so lots of people get on my schedule and I try to help them all to the best of my ability.

Brannd Hub: Interestingly, you’re a member of the HubSpot’s 2007 original team! How would you describe the humble beginnings of HubSpot?

Dan Tyre: HubSpot is an amazing company for many reasons. Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan are excellent co-founders who worked really hard to create a modern company. The first twenty or so employees were all committed to doing something unique, building a company that not only helped our customers, but created a great corporate culture. There was a conscious decision to try to help everyone. We tried to help our employees by being an exemplary employer, we tried to help our community with free training and content, we tried to help our customers with scaling leads and customers and we tried to show that business is different in the 21st Century.

Brannd Hub: How has your pre-HubSpot career impacted your great HubSpot career?

Dan Tyre: I was in sales executive or senior management positions for most of the last twenty years, mainly in tech, but occasionally in services or product companies. I have a range of experience from starting a company in my dining room to helping scale $1B companies, so I had a good background in general business management and helping companies scale. In the 20th Century the hard part was starting a company, today the hard part is scaling a company.

Brannd Hub: Today, HubSpot is a global force to be reckoned with when it comes to inbound marketing and sales. What would you say is the No. 1 secret of HubSpot’s success?

Dan Tyre: Well, once again thanks for saying that. HubSpot is a world leader in inbound marketing, inbound sales and inbound service. Our biggest advantage is that we practice inbound internally. We follow our own programs. We constantly obsess over how to attract, retain and motivate the best work force in the world and how we can add more value for our customers. Although its not really a secret, we try to provide as much help as we can to everyone who asks; kind of why I am filling out this questionnaire at the airport on Sunday afternoon 🙂 You were smart enough to ask for a favor and BOOM, we try to do what we can.

Brannd Hub: Without Dan Tyre, no doubt, the awesome HubSpot story will be incomplete! What major steps have you taken to become the person you are today?

Dan Tyre: I get way too much credit for the HubSpot story. As the first sales person and sales manager, I played a minor role.  I did work extremely hard and tried hard to create a collaborative environment where people could work as a team and help create a world class sales culture.  My philosophy has always been to try to help as many people as possible, which is perfectly aligned with the inbound philosophy.

Brannd Hub: As a globally-renowned authority on inbound marketing and sales, what should we expect in inbound marketing and sales in 2018?

Dan Tyre: I am not much of an accurate forecaster but:
1. Inbound will explode from early adopter to mainstream status.
2. Inbound sales will become the same type of competitive advantage that inbound marketing was in 2007.
3. It is likely there will be a proliferation of video email; a great way to add value when connecting with a prospect.

Brannd Hub: You pioneered Smarketing, the concept of alignment between sales and marketing! How important is Smarketing?

Dan Tyre: Smarketing has been critical to success since that advent of search and social media. If you aren’t aligned, its hard to win and the artificial designations that made sense 20 years ago, no longer apply. Marketers typically understand that, sales executives are a little bit harder to convince.

Brannd Hub: The importance of attitude happens to be your favourite topic. How relevant is the issue of attitude to business success?

Dan Tyre: Oh baby, you’ve got that right. Attitude is an important attribute in anyone’s life, but in business if you have a positive attitude and willing to work through the challenges you can accomplish anything. If you have a poor attitude, you might as well hang it up right now. YOU control your attitude and YOU can be as happy or as despondent as you’d like to be.

Brannd Hub: As an investor, what are the major criteria a startup must meet before you can invest in it?

Dan Tyre: I typically invest in companies that have proved the concept. Lot’s of entrepreneurs have good ideas, but I am looking for companies that have a good idea, applied a small amount of capital and is starting to get good traction in the marketplace. In those situations, my background and experience (and investment) sometimes can help those companies grow.

Brannd Hub: What is your favourite book on business?

Dan Tyre: Only the Paranoid Survive – Andy Grove
Inbound Marketing – Shah & Halligan
To Sell is Human – Daniel Pink

Brannd Hub: Any favourite business quote?

Dan Tyre: You can’t beat someone who won’t quit” – Babe Ruth

Brannd Hub: Lastly, what would be your practical advice to entrepreneurs just starting out?

Dan Tyre: Figure out Why you are starting the company. Get a co-founder to help you batthrouexpectationsonalonal journey. Pull together a 3 page business plan with financial forecasts so you set the right expectations. Get MOVING!…

Brannd Hub: It was great interviewing you, Dan! Thanks for your time and for all the information you have shared with us!

Dan Tyre: Boom! My pleasure.


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