Entrepreneurs: Hiring a Brand Name Consultant…Is it Worth it?

With lots of free online resources on how to choose a compelling name for your business, you should easily get the right name for your business.

Just coming to the realization of how helpful these online brand naming resources can be, is in itself a sense of relief.

However, what if you don’t know how to determine which of the resources is best for your naming project?

Brand consultant Emily Hayward comes to your rescue by recommending a five-step brand naming process. If strictly adhered to, any entrepreneur should be able to come up with a quality brand name very quickly.

In this five-step naming process, you are to:

  1. Assemble your team (your business team members)
  2. Let “loose” (start brainstorming)
  3. Generate a round of ideas (come up with names)
  4. Push yourself to do another round (come up with another set of names)
  5. Assessing the candidate names you have come up with (evaluate the names to pick the best)

According to Hayward, following the afforementioned five-step naming process will save you the time and efforts in naming your businesses, products and services.

Again, to make things much easier to name your business, another naming expert Alexandra Watkins shares her “SCRATCH” principle.

Watkins’ SCRATCH principle says you should consider your name less than ideal if it is:

  • Spelling-challenged (it’s not spelled the way it sounds)
  • A Copycat (very similar to your competitor’s name)
  • Restrictive (cannot accommodate future growth)
  • Annoying (it frustrates your customers)
  • Tame (it is too descriptive)
  • Cursed of Knowledge (it doesn’t make sense to your customers)
  • Hard to pronounce (your customers can hardly pronounce it)

Now, if after you have followed all the above processes, you are still nowhere close to developing effective names for your business, what do you do?

You are left with 2 options:

  1. Hire a professional name developer (also known as a name strategist or consultant);
  2. Settle with the not-really-exceptional business name you have been able to come up with.

At this juncture, it is important to point out the fact that many entrepreneurs see it as a wrong idea to hire a professional name developer or consultant.

What such entrepreneurs seem to fail to understand is that effective business name development requires certain skills, which everybody does not have.

This explains the reason they struggle – after spending ridiculous amount of time brainstorming – to come up with quality, effective names for their businesses.

The competitiveness that now exists among brands across the globe has made it somewhat necessary to look beyond a conventional “catchy” name.

Effectiveness is the rule of the game! A well developed business name should be primarily effective and secondarily catchy. It should be spellable and relevant, among other qualities.

Considering other equally-important aspects of their businesses that also need your attention, you may not have the needed time to spend on brand name development.

That’s why professional brand name developers and consultants exist.

These professionals use their skills and time to help name businesses, services and products.

Professional brand name developers understand what a business or brand needs in a brand name. They have the needed skills to go through the time-consuming brand name development process and bring out the best results.

Also, every professional name developer/consultant knows and works towards developing names that are good marketing tools for the businesses being named.

The worth of hiring a professional brand name developer or consultant lies in the end result of the brand name development project they work on:

  • Does the the name perfectly reflect your business?
  • Does the name resonate well with your target audience and attract them to your business?
  • Does the name convey your business’ value proposition?
  • Does the name boost the brand identity of your business?

When the name developed is able to achieve the above-mentioned values, then the money spent on hiring a professional brand name developer becomes a wise investment.



Have you hired a brand name developer or naming consultant before? What was the experience like? Add your comments below.

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